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I have two issues.

I am new to Windows Vista Home premium. I have Vista home premium
installed in my HP notebook. I am trying to install an application
which does a IWAM_MachineName password check during its installation
process. This installation gets aborted saying, the IWAM_MachineName
user name is empty. So I tried looking for the IWAM user in the
machine, But I couldnt locate this username, I tried viewing the users
in IIS Manger and also in component manager, but this IWAM user doesnt
show up?

Is IWAM user exists in Windows Vista Home Premium version

Tired of searching for the IWAM user, thought I could create a user by
the name IWAM_MachineName. This IWAM user doesnt get listed in the
"Users" list.
Now I want to delete this user that I created.

Can some one help guiding me how to solve the above two issues.

Any help will be verymuch appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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