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iTunes can't laod Audibooks correctly

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When I open iTunes, the window doesn't show an icon for "Audiobook", like it does for
"music, movies, podcasts". Is this normal?
Did I make an error when I installed the program?
I'm running a Dell 4550, WinXP Pro w/ SP2

When I try to load an audiobook, from a CD - not online - iTunes automatically loads in the "music" catagory. I want it to load as an Audiobook, I tried to add a folder, in "the tree" named "audiobook". Nothing... It's as if I need something from Apple OR something is missing from what I have from Apple.

I find nothing in"Help" or the "Discussion Forums", except an "add-on program" named "Audiobook Builder" (supposed to load audiobook files as their more correct memory requirements ~1/3 to 1/2 compared to MP3 files containing music)
I downloaded the builder, but it didn't seem to function well at initilizing the program.

Everything leads me to question the iTunes Installation. Should I "uninstall and re-install" the iTunes application?

What advice do you guy have?
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You need to change the file extension to *.m4b - that will enable iTunes to read the file as an audiobook. I just read that on
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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