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iTunes 6- no more music store

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I don't like iTunes 7 because of the way it organizes podcasts so I've stuck with iTunes 6 and now whenever I try to access the Podcast Directory (or the Music Store at all) I recieve the following error:

"Could not complete the Music Store request. The store may be busy. Check your internet connection or try again later."

I can still update my podcasts but can't find new ones.

Is Apple no longer supporting iTunes 6 already? or is there another problem?

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I noticed the same problem using itunes 6.something under crossover office (a windows emulator for linux). Searching the crossover archives turned up the following link:

which basically says that the crossover team believe that Apple now prevents the older versions (older than 7.0 that is, I presume) of iTunes from accessing the iTunes store.

I would guess this is to force users to upgrade, so they don't have to support too many versions.Too bad the error message isn't more informative (as in: this version is too old to access the store).


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