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Can someone tell me exactly what an ISO is?
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Hiya, spalding,

Could you tell us in what context that acronym applies?

Normally, (IMHO), that would refer to a quality control standard adopted by the most responsible industries as part of their process to insure the adequate output of consistant and acceptable product.

ISO 9000, ISO 14000, etc.

Is that what you are refering to?

(BTW, The term ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization. You would reasonably assume that it ought to be IOS, but it isn't. Apparently, the term ISO was chosen (instead of IOS), because iso in Greek means equal, and ISO wanted to convey the idea of equality - the idea that they develop standards to place organizations on an equal footing. )
I did not realize when I replied that you were refering to CD burning as you posted HERE.
Hey, no problem, actually meant to add to my thread but apparently pressed the wrong button. Still having the same problems though.
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