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ISO - Utility to create CD Recovery Set

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want to make 'quickrestore' cds for customer computers that are end user friendly
I know drive image and ghost can do this..but here's the hard part, I want something that's either part of windows itself, or a freeware / adware program to do this
Basically I want to make these restore CD's legally, and be able to distribute them with new computers without any legal hassles, and without having to shell out for a copy of ghost for each computer, or drive image for each computer. Any input would be appreciated
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I'm looking to do this very thing. Please let me know if you find a decent solution. I just did a search and came up with this:

DrvImagerXP makes backups (image files) of NTFS and FAT32 drive partition structures (as well as floppy disks), for the Windows 2000/XP operating systems, by copying, byte-for-byte, the drive partition sectors. And when not using file compression, can do this very quickly, much faster than copying files. You'll never have to install your operating system again! You can install it, make all your option changes and get it just right, then use DrvImagerXP to create a partition image that you could name "Fresh Install". If you need to go back to a brand new fresh installation of your operating system, you can restore the partition using the "Fresh Install" image in just a few minutes! You can make partition images of different operating systems and swap them in and out at will! Save floppy disk images for faster copying, or for archives. Save the image file as multiple zipped files. Span an image file over multiple CDs/DVDs. Though not as powerful and flexible as "Drive Image" or "Ghost" drive imaging programs, the simplicity, yet powerful capabilities of DrvImagerXP make it the favorite choice for many. Click a button to download (in the background) the latest DrvImagerXP updates from the Lexun Freeware web site! Also included are tips on using xcopy for many situations where DrvImagerXP is not an option! DrvImagerXP is freeware! Pass it around! Give it to your friends! Featured on TechTV in Australia! People are using it all over the world!
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Thanks Johnwill, for you very pleasant and extremly useful reply.
Let us know if it works out, I've downloaded it, but I haven't had the chance to try it yet. :)
Is anyone else having a problem withthat download ?
Seems to be dead.

And when you remove the file name from the link it redirects to some floral site.
I see it does that now, so maybe I have the only copy in captivity! :D I wonder if it sprouts a floral arrangement when you launch it? :D:D:D
aw dammit it seemed so good too..maybe the wayback engine has it
Click here to download DrvImagerXP!


Thanks lance...Looks like a good program. I'll have to give it a try on the next reformat .
I'd sure like to hear back if this actually works. I'd like to have something in my pocket after the supply of $10 NSW Pro copies gives out for clients! :D
I'm going to burn one later tonoght John if all goes well and I'll let you know how the cd turns out.
Well Guys I began the process and had to abort . The program prompts you to install the image in an other than the partition that you are imaging so i chose my w2k partition. Problem was free space. The xp system is 21,000,000 bytes and the w2k system doesn't have that much free space so I'll let the whole thing slide for the next reformat where i'll run it after installing all the windowws updates and just my software.
So it appears that it won't do what GHOST will do and change the partition size on the fly? That's too bad, that's one of the things that would be real handy to do...
Yep..I don't think it will replace my NSW 2003 Ghost program.
I think you're right. :D I'm only interested for future use, since I have a whole fistful of the $10 NSW Pro 2003 CD's in my drawer. I equipped my machines, and got a few for client machines, it's the best deal in town! :)
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