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ISA Modem / COM Issues

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Ok, I've come across an old computer:

200mhz computer
~96mb ram
8 gig hd
AT Keyboard
PS/2 Mouse
56k Diamond Supra 2750

The old modem in the machine went bad. I put the new diamond one in, the computer sees it, and drivers install just fine... Only thing wrong is that it installs on COM1. In device manager it shows a serial port / COM2. Modems in control panel shows modem on com1. When I dial like this it gives "no dial tone."

Here's what I did:

1. Removed all com ports and modem
2. Went into BIOS and turned off the first serial port...
3. Booted back into windows, installed all devices.
4. Now Serial Com 1 and modem on Com2. It dials and works like this. A little slow but workable.
5. Reboot, check it again, works fine
6. Turn off machine
7. Turn on machine, check it again, modem is back on com1

Is there a way to make this modem stay on com2 or use com3/4?

Any help is most appreciated.
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I thought of the battery problem and I have replaced it with another one. Still the problem persists. What can I do to make windows use the proper com port?
Well, when it is installed on com1 it always gets "no dial tone" when it is on the others, it dials just fine.
I will try disabling both and let you guys know what happens. Hopefully this will work....
It was win98se. Sorry.

I tried disabling both com ports and so far.... it is dialing. The modem stayed on com1 and works fine. No problems as of yet. I've powered down the machine a couple times to make sure, so hopefully this is it.

Thank you all for your help. It is most appreciated.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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