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Is this for real or just a scam???

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Is this for real or just a scam????

If you'd like to have your own website for under $10...

800MB storage, 120 GB bandwidth, 9.24 for a whole year!!!
Go here: Once you have done that click on the "Happy Hollidays!" picture that has the little girl on it. Then click on sign up now which is next to One-year-payment and under the level one column. Once you've done that fill in all of the information needed. Once you come to the payment page it should say total: 119.99 or something like that and "promotion code" with an empty box underneath. Input this promotion code: 777. Once you've done this the price should go down to 9.24 and it will be how much you will pay for a whole year! You will get 800MB storage and 120GB bandwidth/month, enjoy!
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If they are a half decent operation, look for fantasico in your sites CPanel. It has tons of options in terms of starting a website, full blown forums, picture hosting and they all work witha click of a button.
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