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Is this a winsock issue?

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Getting 'an operation was attempted on something that is not a socket' when attempting to renew an address on winxp.

Already have flushed the tcp/ip stack with netsh. I know that the winsock can get corrupt and that it can be repaired in win98/winME/win2k, but can it be repaired in winxp?
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This has come up before. And the answer is not in the usual way.
You can delete the Winsock2 key in the registry and reboot. But the new key which will be created will be incomplete and you will lose Internet Connectivity.
Because TCP /IP cannot be removed and then reinstalled in XP you cannot recreate the key properly. Maybe a Repair install after removing the winsock2 key. I don't know for certain if that will work in a pinch. But a Repair install is more work than you may like. After you have to reinstall all updates and patches again.

If you have access to another XP computer you might try copying its Winsock2 key to your registry. (Make a backup of your original Windsock 2 key and then delete it first)

Or do you have a recent restore point you could use?

I am not sure about the cause, but another thing to try might be the LSP fix. But it won't resolve the problem if it not a packed catalog problem.

Here's a link to that:

EDIT: I did a little more reading on your exact error and you may have to remove the Winsock Key as well if you go that route. I would think a Windows overinstall would be needed ,but an import of a good key might work too. Backup before you make any changes.
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