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Is there any free email that has large capacity anymore?

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I used to have an on-line email service that was free and up to 5 Meg capacity.

I still use it, but they've dropped it down to 2.5 Meg unless you use their pay service now.

I hate paying for an email service.

Is there any one around that you can receive or send large attachments, etc. that is still free?
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Happy New Year!

Check these -


Inbox - 5 MB
Attachments - 5 MB
Price - Nil

Indiatimes Email

Inbox - 6 MB
Briefcase - 12 MB (Total 18 MB)
Attachments - 2 MB
Price - Nil

I use both the email services and I've np at all! Check the links if you need more info.
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Happy New Year to you too, my Indian friend.

Thanks for those suggestions.

I've tried the Rediffmail one for a little while(since you replied earlier). It is pretty good but their servers seem pretty(really) slow for downloading attachments.

Do you or anybody else have any other "large attachment capable" free email services I could check out?


10mb mailbox

2mb attachments

looks like 100mb storage and 4mb attachments

or look here

listd every free email provider going

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Hey PVC, Jai Hind!!

For, joeAgain------, here's a site that gives you free Web-Based Mail as well as provides free POP3 facility. It gives you 10mb space for free. Go to

dvk01, your second link ( seems to have stopped registering new people. The new users link is not working. The third link was just great. I have added it to my Bookmarks (yeah!!I use Netscape 7.0 ;) )
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