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I'm running a win2k pro (SP2) system. I'm connected through remote dialup to my department's LAN.
When I login on my pc using my name on our LAN, I can easily access my workstation in my office. When I try to do the same using my administrator's login on my home pc, I can't gain access to my office workstation. My guress is, that this happens since all permission for accessing the workstation are under my regular login, not 'administrator'. (I'm the administrator both of my home and office pc. I'm not the administrator of our LAN)
Thus, I would like to be able to access our LAN using my regular login name while I'm logged to my home workstation as administrator.
If so, one way doing it is by opening a 'Connect AS' window, and inserting my regular login information.
How can I open a "Connect AS' window?
Or else, how can by wish be accomplished?
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