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I am running a Dell box with Window XP Home Edition SP2.

My first Apple product and I get BSOD. However I don't think the iPod is the problem.

Here is what happens... I plug in the iPod into the USB port with the cable provided by Apple, and immediately get a BSOD with the following details.

STOP: 0X0000005 (0XFFFFFFE8, 0X00000001, 0X804D9079, 0X0000000000)

So, I leave the iPod plugged in and reboot. This worked and I was able to sync up with iTunes. The problem is intermittent however. Sometimes I can can plug in with no error and other times I get the BSOD. I would guess it works about 50% of the time.

Here are my efforts to diagnose the problem.

1. I checked to see if another iPod, when plugged in, gives me the same problem and it does.
2. I checked to see if the iPod causes this on other computers and it doesn't.
3. I have updated XP using the Microsoft update.
4. I have scanned for viruses and have defragged.
5. I have plenty of unused hard drive space (21 Gigs free out of 40Gigs available)
6. This problem seems rare because I have searched and found no one else with this problem.

I should mention that the computer that is crashing is the only computer that has the new IE7 installed on it.

Thanks for any help,
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