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iPhone is now a reality

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Well, it had to happen. Read up here:
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M$ CEO Balmer even laughed at the iPhone calling it "Not a very good email machine." I guess he's used one so he knows all about it Watch the video:

What a complete moron. He's scared.

"Most expensive phone on the market ever"? ...I can name ones on the market right now that cost more. HP has a PocketPC phone w/Cingular 2 year contract with a 3" touch screen, 802.11b, Bluetooth, etc, and 64 MB of storage. $579. Doesn't even compare to the $499 iPhone. And there's a $599 one too.

On top of that, the question was, what was your first reaction when Steve Jobs showed the iPhone? Ballmer starts making up that he laughed at the price. Guess what, Ballmer? Stevie didn't announce the price till the end of the show. He probably peed his pants before Steve got to the price.
Of course, this week LG unveiled the high-end Prada phone, $799, which has no buttons; due to be released next month in Europe, Asia in March, and negotiations with US carriers still under way.
But iPhone's way better than that.

And does the LG phone uses voice-recognition or what? Since "multi-touch" is patented by Apple, there's no way LG could use that.
10 reasons why pre-announcing the iPhone was brilliant

Here are 10 reasons why announcing the iPhone six months early was a stroke of genius by Steve Jobs:

1. It gets us salivating. The anticipation of waiting until June for iPhone has been compared to those old Heinz ketchup commercials from the 70s, featuring the Carly Simon song "anticipation."
2. Six months of free R&D by a rabid, foaming at the mouth, customer base. I've never seen so much press and feature suggestions for a product in my life. Why hire more QA people when you can simply pre-announce something and let the blogosphere do your research for you? (Although it baffles me why Apple hasn't added a "suggestion" link to their iPhone pages.)
3. It virtually freezes the market. I don't know of a single Mac user that would buy a smartphone, or any phone for that matter, until June. It would be like buying a fully loaded new Mac the month before Macworld Expo. In fact, almost anyone looking to buy a smartphone will probably wait.
4. Mobile phone contract renewals will also drop significantly. Why would anyone renew a multi-year or annual contract with their current carrier? I can see a lot of people going month-to-month as their contracts lapse and I can see the contract wars getting pretty ugly. Expect the other carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint) to begin offering mega-incentives to get you into a contract.
5. It gives accessory manufactures six months to come up with cases, skins, lanyards and 30-pin dock connector accessories that will work with iPhone.
6. It gives you six months to save up the US$500-$600 needed to buy an iPhone.
7. It gives you six months to sell your current rubbish phone (or donate it to
8. It gives you six months to swap your existing mobile phone contract with some unsuspecting nincompoop.
9. It gives you six months to justify iPhone to your boss or significant other.
10. It gives you six months to adopt Apple's Reality Distortion Field.
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