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iPhone is now a reality

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Well, it had to happen. Read up here:
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I think the phone looks really cool but there are some things I'm worried about, like it's performance and battery life. In addition, I am not too happy that they went with Cingular, I'd rather have Verizon. I am also kind mad mad that Apple doesn't allow people to put third party programs on it.

As for there name, I think Cisco is suing them.....
We really can't say much about the Prada as no one has reviewed it or seen it in person yet.
I think it almost seems a bit like the Zune. At first, they both looked really good and many people wanted them, but now, after finding that you can't put third party apps. on it and it is locked with Cingular, I'm really not too crazy about it.
Rockn said:
I like it's multi use functionality...especially the prophylactic!

That's funny! :D :up: :up:

Kind-of odd that it is from someone big like NBC. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
cancon said:
I think it's better to just get a PDA which can work as a phone, like an i-mate.

Does anyone know where I can find(I know i'm a little picky):

A brand new,
Windows Mobile 5,
Wireless b/g,
handwriting recognition,
with a memory card,
with more than or equal to 128MB space,
with a fast processor,
with at least a 2 megapixel camera,
with quad-band,
with at least 64MB RAM(pref a lot more)
with mp3, mp4, mpg, mp1, avi etc. playback,
with a built in speaker,
with preferably a mini-USB,
and a lot of programs in-the-box,
for approx. $500????????
A touch-screen and hand-writing recognition (which works horribly) are going to be hard to find, otherwise you could probably get something like a Treo.
cancon said:
I am not a fan of palms:(
Why? It'll mostly do what you want it to.
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