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iPhone is now a reality

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Well, it had to happen. Read up here:
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I have to get this!!!!!!!!
prices have been released - $499 for the 4GB version, $599 for the 8GB version!!

Comes out in July 2007 in the US, late 2007 in the UK, and 2008 for the rest of the world.

I'm not sure if you can get in sim-free, but I'm sure it will be available on eBay unlocked for the same price brand new the moment it comes out in the US.

(sigh) I love eBay
I agree - it was brilliant - I never thought of it that way - it just seemed to be a phone which i was going to buy within the first 5 seconds it came out - providing they don't run out of stock in the first 3... ;)
Can the iPhone not be unlocked???????????????????????????????
I think it's better to just get a PDA which can work as a phone, like an i-mate.

Does anyone know where I can find(I know i'm a little picky):

A brand new,
Windows Mobile 5,
Wireless b/g,
handwriting recognition,
with a memory card,
with more than or equal to 128MB space,
with a fast processor,
with at least a 2 megapixel camera,
with quad-band,
with at least 64MB RAM(pref a lot more)
with mp3, mp4, mpg, mp1, avi etc. playback,
with a built in speaker,
with preferably a mini-USB,
and a lot of programs in-the-box,
for approx. $500????????
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I have the P910i which runs on symbian, and it has a touchscreen, and the handwriting recognition is fantastic!

Maybe your handwriting is bad ferrija;):D

I am not a fan of palms:(

The P910i is good, but I'd like to have Windows Mobile 5 and a phone with wireless, and i can't afford the P990...

Any ideas?
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