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IPhone 7 won't start

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My iPhone 7 has been switching from the low battery screen to the apple logo screen for quite some time now. It was charging for the whole night, and it says it's low battery. There was nothing wrong with the battery before. I've tried the volume down button and the side button. Even the hair dyer hack. Nothing has worked for me. Any solutions?
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Is the charging cable damage....specifically at either end? Have you cleaned/blown out the lighting port? Have you tried a different charging cable?
I don't think there is a problem with the lighting port because it was charging before I went to sleep and there was no problem before. I did clean it with a toothpick. As for the charging cable, I used my friend's, but it still didn't work. No solution yet
I assume it's not under warranty? Has there been any water damage?

So you used 2 different cords, with same issue? Are you using Apple branded devices, including the USB port charger that goes into the AC outlet?
It is most likely not under warranty, have to check. There has been no water damage. I am using apple branded charging devices as well.
Either the cable is faulty or the charger.
Is the cable &/or charger a genuine Apple product? The problem with charging can happen when either is not genuine - especially the cable.
Were they purchased direct from Apple (website, in-store etc) or from a third party seller?
Hi, you may try to charge your iPhone at least 2 hours and then force restart it. If there is nothing wrong with your iPhone hardware, use iTunes to check if it needs to be updated. If so, update the iOS to the latest version with iTunes. Actually, putting the iPhone into recovery mode and restoring it in iTunes is also a workable solution. But it will cause data loss if you have no backup. When the common methods fail to work, you might as well have the aid of an iPhone repair tool called Joyoshare UltFix. Many Apple users have reported that such a tool can repair various iOS issues without data loss.
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