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Ip address detected if visiting user homepage?

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I visited a specific homepage about a person that was shared @ an internet community forum. I was wondering if this person could tell my ip address from me visiting, looking, or saving pics from there?

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It's basically a yahoo/geocities page - free bandwidth. Is that still possible?
that's messed up because I own a geocities page and I can't seem to tell. How can I do this too?
ok one more q: Does it still count if the site was "down"? You know, when you click on a user page and it just shows the links to all the pictures that were perviously on a homepage?

thanks again.
sorry, my english isn't very well.

Ok, when you click on the user's page, just an 'index of/ pictures' appears. Like this:

Name Last modified Size Description

Parent Directory 28-Dec-2004 23:26 -

1.jpg 15-Mar-2002 01:51 4k

2.jpg 15-Mar-2002 01:51 11k

3.jpg 15-Mar-2002 01:51 4k
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1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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