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The other night, with the home page set to as it has been for a while, IE kept crashing and giving me this message:

EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in

module URLMON.DLL at 0167:1a41b15e.


EAX=00000000 CS=0167 EIP=1a41b15e EFLGS=00010202

EBX=00000000 SS=016f ESP=03c4ea7c EBP=03c4ea9c

ECX=1a4033cc DS=016f ESI=004ac040 FS=4aa7

EDX=0043002c ES=016f EDI=00000001 GS=0000

Bytes at CS:EIP:

8b 08 57 ff 74 24 10 50 ff 51 18 6a 00 8b ce 8b

Stack dump:

004abeac 1a4182c3 004ac040 00000000 637de804 00000000 03e435d0 00000000 03c4eacc 63776693 00000001 00000000 03e436bc 03e435d0 00000000 1a41a65a

I resolved it by changing the home page, defrag, scandisk, spybot S&D, ad-aware, etc.

This happened after installing an update to my AVG anti-virus. I uninstalled it and installed avast but I think it happened even after that too.

Anyone have any ideas?

Nic Showalter
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