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Into the Abyss

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Since I am never without my camera on my person or in my truck...Here is one that I particularly like that I took coming home from the grocery store. this little lane/road is the road one turns off of to go up our driveway..(our driveway is 1500 ft. long)

Anyhow...this little 2 lane blacktop has trees overhanging it...and on this particular day, the sun was going down, a farmer was shelling corn in the field on my right, and there was a slight breeze and it was blowing the corn dust across the road. I almost passed up this picture..then backed up and took it. Glad I did.

Our driveway is on the left about 600 feet after you go thru this "portal"....if the sun hadn't been this close to going down you could have seen our driveway in the center of the pic...running right to left.


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Thanks HeeWee... you "tweaked" the pic huh?... I didn't change anything in the pic I posted...when I took it, that is what the evening looked like that little road ihas the overhanging trees on a good part of fact I had just backed up enough that I just cleared the overhanging.

Glad you liked it . I have this one printed it out and matted it...and it hangs on my living room grouping of some of my pics that I have taken.

Wildlife photography is what I enjoy most. only it is just the wildlife native to this area of Tenn.
Thank you Wimpy...I love taking pics of wildlife, and sunrises (Don't catch many of them) hahaha and sunsets.
Thanks Buck...I like it untweaked better also, but I think Heewee "tweaked" it so he could see our driveway better that I was telling him about....I have this little digital camera (Olympus) , and leave it on automatic...for just about all my pics.
Thank you too Gabriel...and I like your pic of you and the dog. What kind and what is it's name? I have 3 of my own. :)
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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