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internet works, but not IE

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im running a cable connection hooked up through a lan and a router.

yesterday i turned on my computer, tried to get on the web, but Internet explorer wasn't working properly. In fact, it wasn't working at all. For every website i tried, it would tell me The page cannot be displayed.

i removed my network connections, seeing if a reinstall woould work, but it didn't. So i downloaded netscape in order to find a solution.

Everything else works: aim, kazaa, netscape, outlook express
but not IE.

any ideas?

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If you are able to get to the internet with Netscape, that tells me your connection is good. Perhaps you should try repairing IE. Here is a helpful page.

Here is the Microsoft page on repairing IE.
ok i removed internet explorer from the change/remove programs, (well, it said internet explorer, and had some random numbers after it). I also changed the key in the registry to that it would think it wasn't installed at all (from 1 to 0).

earlier it wasn't letting me continue the installation (after i downloaded the 7mb file that the 500k manager downloads for me). It said the program hadn't passed some test.

so i decided to boot in to safe mode and see if i can install it when logged in as an administrator.

no, it won't let me install it because it hadn't passed the windows xp test thingy. Damnit.
ok it randomly started working again after several failed attempts at installing it.

another thing i did was i went to add/remove windows components, and although it didn't look like it did anything, i unchecked then checked again the box for IE.

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