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internet not working

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hey in linux the internet is running great but when im in windows i can connect to the internet or get on AIM....what should i do?
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The basics for Internet access troubleshooting are:

Can you ping anything internally
Can you ping the gateway
Can you ping any external IP address
Can you ping any external name
Find out the IP address of another computer.

Then open a command prompt

Type "ping IP_address" - no quotes, where IP_address is the address you want to ping.

e.g ping

for an external IP you can use

for an external name you can use
It's good that you can at least get online with something. This way you know the network cards, cables, hub, modem and actual Internet connection are all working.

Likely it is just something misconfigured with TCP/IP.

Also, just for testing, temporarily disable or remove any firewalls you have. You can always add them back in later when you know everything else works.
If you can't ping anything, I doubt you will be able to ping google or any external name or IP.

How is the IP address information getting assigned (static or dynamic)

Is it all correct. You can compare what is assigned to each computer when Linux is running.
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