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internet explorer toolbars,,need help

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hi in internet explorer,the search option will not work,when i press it the window comes up but it says ,the page cannot be displayed, the same message as when you type the wrong address.
i went into customize search settings and theres 2 options, search works when i put it to ,use one search service, but does'nt work on the normal one i use which is ,use search assistant, it says the page cannot be displayed, does anyone know how i can fix this,every other toolbar option works.
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hi,,, i downloaded everything and done the scan,then u said put it in notepad.
when i press save log i can't find the notepad,when i go to ,program files,then,accessories,,it just comes up ,hyper terminal.
how do i get it to notepad?
i got it into notepad but i can only get it saved as a ,log file, and i can't send it here as a log file,, how do i change it to a valid file extension?

MOBO thanks for showing me spybot S&D,,it fixed a heap of other problems,,before i could'nt run the disk defragmenter and a few other things but now after using spybot they all run good and faster,,thanks heaps.

but my toolbars search button will still not work,,i have'nt fixed anything in ,,hijack this,, i'm still trying to send it here:(
i have been saving it as ,SAVE AS,, but it still just saves it as a log file,

when i go,to ,save IN, i go,to ,accessories, then ,,hyperterminal comes up,then i put hyperterminal to ,,all files,,then i saved it but it still comes up log file.
when i went to look in notepad the next day notepad won't work??

a window appears saying C:\WINDOWS\NOTEPAD.EXE is not a valid win32 application

what have i done??
i've got pentium 4,,windows me millennium edition,

i'm just having problems with notepad and wordpad,,both of them are the ones i tryed to save it to,,but all i did was try to save it,
also what is hyper terminal?

cause when i'm in SAVE IN (looking for notepad) i go to accessories then all that comes up is hyper terminal,,,that's how i saved it in notepad the first time,,i pressed save on hyper terminal and it came up in notepad but as a log file,then i found out that i can't send it here by log file,,
so i deleted that file in notepad then saved it again as ,all files, but it still comes up as a log file?

about the hyper terminal file, when i'm in the save window i bring up hyper terminal it's on log file so i go to ,save as type, and put it to all files,a list appears below hyper terminal ,but notepad is'nt there so i saved it in hyper terminal in all files,,but still comes up log file,,,,,,,
then i turned off computer 1 hour later turn it on and notepad won't work.

if anyone understands all that,,can u help me please
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i tryed going to folder options,,file types tab,,i scrolled down to .txt.
but there is no restore button.

my main problem now is i get this message when trying to run notepad:

,,,C:\WINDOWS\NOTEPAD.EXE is not a valid Win32 application,,,

it has i red circle with a white x in the same window..

anyone know what that is and how to fix it?
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