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Internet Explorer Program Downloads

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I have been unable to download any program (exe.) in my Internet Explorer. They download as it shows in the bottom left toolbar which says "downloading" but when it's finished all that shows up is a white blank page with a small rectangle box in the left-hand corner of the screen with a tiny red square, tiny green circle and a blue pyramid inside of the small retangle box. It doesn't download the program. Ocassionally I can switch to Netscape browser which will download and put the program in the folder I direct. The problem being is that Internet Explorer is my default browser and I very seldom ever have Netscape open except when this problem arises in Internet Explorer. Any help or explanation one might have why I have this problem is greatly appreciated. I've had it for a long time now and am finally trying to address it before I pull all my hair out!!! Until I upgraded to Internet Explorer 6.0 from 5.5 I never had this problem. I can't say I'm impressed with Internet Explorer 6.0.
Thanks in advance!
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Check your internet options under tools, internet options, internet zone, click custom settings and see if downloads are enabled.

Thank you for your response but I don't have anyplace that says internet zone after clicking internet options nor could I find anything that said custom settings under any of the tabs I looked in internet options.
This is a familiar issue, and it's usually due to an ActiveX control on your computer having been uninstalled or deleted, while entries for the add-in program or ActiveX control still remain in the registry.

Quicktime or Netzip plugins are the main culprits.

This is how it's solved:

Create a new Text file on your desktop, and paste the following bold text into it:


[-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Plugins\Extension]

Save as Extension.reg (save as 'all files' )

Doubleclick it, and answer 'yes' when asked whether you want to merge the contents of the file into the registry.


This ought to solve your problem.

Good luck,
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Thank you Tony for your response but while I hope I don't sound too ignorant, I have never created a text file on my desktop and am at a loss as to how to do so. So, if yourself or someone could explain it to a "novice" like myself, I would appreciate it.
Thanks again!
It's very simple:

RIGHT-click your mouse anywhere on your Desktop, and choose New > Text document from the context menu.

Alternatively, go to Start > Run, and type Notepad
Then click OK.
Tony, I did as you explained, (thank you!) but when I followed the instructions you gave "Doubleclick it, and answer 'yes' when asked whether you want to merge the contents of the file into the registry."

Doubleclick it, and answer 'yes' when asked whether you want to merge the contents of the file into the registry.

nothing came up asking me whether I wanted to merge the contens of the file into the registry.


P.S. Yes, it WAS very simple yet I had never had the ocassion to do so and was unaware that option was available! I keep learning something new which is a good thing, I think!
When you're saving Extension.reg in notepad you have to put quotation marks around "Extension.reg"

open notepad and copy and past the bolded text info Tony gave you.....In Notepad goto the gray toolbar and where it says file click once then choose save as.... in the drop down menu

Where it says save in-- make sure you click the folder up and make it desktop so you can find the file.

Where it says File name put this: "Extension.reg"

Where it says Save as Type, click the arrow and choose All Files(*.*)

Click save.
Thank you Balzac, I did as you instructed and I was able to doubleclick and got a icon for Extension as was instructed to me and I then clicked yes etc. I rebooted, then went to the email I received giving me a site to download an upgrade to Ad-aware Plus 6.0 exe which downloaded but once downloaded it came up with the blank white page with the rectangle box in the left-hand corner again so obviously for some reason that didn't fix my problem unfortunately. ;-(
When you clicked the icon,,were you asked 'merge with the registry"?
To Bandit, the answer is yes. And I clicked "Yes" when asked if I wanted to merge with the Registry then I rebooted.
Press these buttons all at once but just one time,,when the small window opens,,write everything you see then click cancel and post it back here. remember together once,,,,,,ctrl+alt+del

I had that same problem once,,I think the only way I got it fixed was to revert back to 5.5
Bandit where should I be when I click Ctrl, Alt, Delete? Hope that's not a stupid question!!
Bandit, if I were to revert back to IE 5.5 where would I find it to download and do I uninstall IE 6.0? If so, I assume after I download, if I can (seeing as I'm having a problem downloading programs) I uninstall 6/0?
Press the buttons ctrl alt del at any time. To revert back to 5.5 go to add/remove programs and select to uninstall 6.0,,then you will have the options to repair I E 6 or Revert to a previous version of IE,, try either choice. You can decide.

You could also go to start,,,run and type in scanreg click ok, to see if you have a problem with the registry, read the result and select no when asked if you would like to backup. This might be the best first choice. Then post the result.
Thank you Bandit. At least if I've learned nothing else, I now know, which I never did and couldn't understand why it didn't work, is when you press ctrl alt del you do it one button at a time! I always tried to do it by pushing them all at once! I did as you instructed and the following is what showed:
1. TechSupport Guy Forums-Internet Exploere Program Downloads-Microsoft Internet Explorer
2. Margie's Mail- Outlook Express
3. Explorer
4. Navapw 32
5. Popfilter
6. Sysdoc 32
7. Hidserv
8. Rundll
9. Lycoms
10. Systray
11. Wmexe
12. Nprotect

I have not tried as of yet to uninstall Internet Explorer 6.0. If I chose to go back to 5.5 where would I find it to download? That is, if I can get this problem solved so I can download.

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1) Ok try this first press ctrl alt del one time and take your mouse and highlight popfilter then click end task,,repeat to be sure its gone,,you may have to do it 2 or3 times but once its gone go download something.

Still having the problem try this.

2) Go to your, control panel and click the internet options icon. click the advanced tab and in the catagory multi media, find (show image download placeholders) if that box is checked uncheck it and click apply then ok and restart then download like you were before. Is the problem gone?
Hi Bandit429,
I did as you suggested and the first time I highlighted popfilter then clicked end task it disappeared as you instructed. I tried downloading and got the same white blank page with the rectangle box in the left-hand corner. Then I tried your #2 suggestion and the show image download placeholders was already unchecked. We tried!!! Good grief, I obviously have a cantankerous computer but I appreciate all the help everyone is giving me to try and eliminate this problem.
Those two things really had nothing to do with downloads,, But it was a way to see if I was understanding you correctly. Well the 2nd one did'nt.

When you go to the control panel add/remove programs and click to remove microsoft IE 6 the option should appear to remove, revert, or repair. I believe this is correct,, if not exit out at that point and tell me what the choices are. Try repair first,, to revert would mean you lose I E 6. and have IE 5.5
Bandit, so if I go to control panel add/remove programs and click on Internet Explorer 6.0 should and it doesn't have repair but revert, should I do the revert anyway's? If so, will that have any effect on Outlook Express and my address book?
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