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Internet Boosters??? Hype or worth trying?

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Hi guys... I don't know if this is the correct forum for posting about TWEAKING and stuff like that but I have a few questions.

There are several programs out there, many that are freeware, that claim you can improve your INTERNET SPEED with TWEAKING such settings as MTU, Receive Window, TTL etc....

Here are a few of them. EASY-MTU, Speednet.......etc....

Most claim that WINDOWS, by default, is not accurately configured for the fastest transfer of data and that you can change some of these settings to improve your performance.

Is this true? Is WINDOWS actually not set up for maximum speed or is this a bunch of balony?

I ran this test at PC Pitstop and it claimed my Receive Window was set way too high..... and reccomended that I lower it.

Just wondering what your take on all of this is.

Thank you


PS: I have a CABLE connection (via router) and my normal download speeds are now 1500+ and uploads are at 500, whatever that means.
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BigDave----If your cable is at 1500 you're SMOKING . Take a look at they have several program tweaks for cable which work really well (I use them myself). At 1500, thats T1 speed. Must not be many people on your node.
As gbrumb mentioned, if your truly getting 1500kb then there's no need to tweak anything. Are you sure your not getting 1500kbps which translates to 187kb? When transfer rates are mentioned, they are usually talking about KB rather than KBPS.

If you get time, go here and download the "50MB HTTP Download". While it's downloading, about a quarter of the way through, you should see the KB number next to "Transfer Rate" stablize to a pretty consistent number. What KB transfer rate does it stablize at?

You can just delete the file after it's downloaded.
I've been to several speed test sites with download speeds from 1200 to 1900... All depends on where the test servers are and the line traffic (using a cable connection)

I was downloading at 245kb/s... good? bad? indifferent?
That's not bad. Most cable rates will generally run anywhere from 125kb to about 400kb.

BTW, 245kb translates into 1960kbps which fits right into your earlier numbers. It can get confusing but most rates you'll see tossed about are in KB rather than KBPS.

You can go from and to KB or KBPS using these calculations

KB = KBPS / 8

KBPS = KB * 8
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