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Internet ads you're sick of seeing

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Anyone have an internet advertisement you wish would disappear? I for one would love to see that Ellen DeGeneres ad "55 year old Ellen looks 25" ad gone. It seems it's been on half the pages I go to and it's been around for what seems like forever. Besides the fact I can't stand her, I am so tired of seeing that same ad over and over again.
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I block ads so never see 99.9% of them.

I use Hosts file.

Adblock Plus

No Script can also help block out sites ads come from.

Start with Adblock Plus

Ghostery can also help.

Your need to get used to using each one but once your used to them your never want to be without.

I started Hosts file back in the dial up 28k modem days on Windows 95 that help speed the web pages loading and you have so many other web sites now that are hooked into some sites that is crazy.

Start with Adblock Plus first.
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