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Internet address starting with mad://

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I have been looking all over the internet to find out why I sometimes get directed to a site that starts with mad://.

My MS Internet Explorer crashes when it goes there.

Today it happend when I went to:

I was redirected to: mad://{F2CE4800-C6D0-11D5-8362-F244A37C4E38}/default.html and my Internet Explorer crashed.

This happened a few days ago when I tried to access some sites about the Koran.

At that time I though someone hacked the site. Is that was is happening?

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Run a virus scan:

What ver of IE do you have?

I have MS Internet Explorer version 5.50.4522.1800.
Okay, IE5.5 good. Have you run that virus scan yet?

No, I haven't run that virus test. If I had a virus I think it would happen more often. It has only happened a couple of times in the last year or so.

Whenever the Internet Explorer crashes I am am just curious to find out why, especially because the word "mad".

Have you tried going to the site that made it switch to that mad:\\ (Html) to see if it happens to you too?


I went to the original site that you posted where this redirection came up. All I go in a pop up box was an URL.

This is a cookie which can also be called spyware.

Check to see if you have a virus as Dark Star suggested. Also, download AddAware from

Install and run it, ensuring that all the boxes regarding deep registry scan are checked. You can remove all it finds except any references to Web3000. If you are unsure, post the list here.

You may also want to try a repair. Control Panel | AddRemove. Doubleclick Microsoft Internet Explorer. Choose Repair, apply and restart.

I'll search in depth whilst you do this.


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Thanks for checking the site out.

Maybe the cause of the mad:// htlm is that chose to refuse cookies at that site.

I say no to just about all cookies.

I only accept them at sites I return to often.

Maybe some sites get mad at people refusing cookies.
That may explain it. This is one that needs cookies. If so, for the hell of it, and just to be ceratin that you don't have a virus, enable the cookies and click that original site again. What does it come up with?
You can enable it after.


I went back to the original site and accepted the first cookie and the site loaded OK.

So it looks like we found the cause of the mad HTML.

I don't usually accept cookies because a I have an older computer that has a small hard drive, and the way my hard drive is formatted each cookie takes over 32,768 bytes of storage space.

Thanks for the help.
Glad its okay and not a virus.

See Ya

A hexadecimal number like</color> {F2CE4800-C6D0-11D5-8362-F244A37C4E38} is used as a Class ID for an ActiveX Control.

I've a theory that you might find this in your C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files folder.
(You can also get to the same folder by clicking Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Settings button > View Objects button.)

Right-click on each ActiveX Control, and select Properties.
On the General tab, check the ID number of the Control.
If you find one that matches</color> {F2CE4800-C6D0-11D5-8362-F244A37C4E38}, check the CodeBase to see where you got it from.

You can right-click on and choose to Update or Remove the Control if you wish, as it may continue to cause you problems, because it is out-of-date, damaged, unnecessary, or just a problem-causer in general.
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