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Internet access problem

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I'm in the process of setting up my new PC with Vista premiuim.

I have no problem getting on the internet through IE7. However, after installing several applications (Family Tree Maker 2008) and The Weather Chanel freebie that lets you keep up with local weather, I find that I cannot access the Internet for specifics required by those applications using the links within the application.

I'm sure there must be a problem in my settings somewhere, but after several hours, I'm still stumped

My computer is a Dell XPS 420 with 4GB of Ram. Email and IE7 work perfectly.
I use the AVG Firewall.

Would appreciate any advice.

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First suspect is the AVG firewall. Second suspect is another firewall.
I agreed and have tried to my limited knowledge to change settings on the firewall, but still having problem with accessing internet through Family Tree Maker. Did work out situation with other application.

Does the Family Tree Maker application have its own specific internet connection settings?
Not that I can find. I have an inquiry in to them, but no reply yet.
Try launching the Family Tree Maker with Administrator privileges (right click on the start menu entry/desktop shortcut and choose Run as Administrator near the top of the context menu), then try making the desired internet connection through the application.

I'm suspecting UAC is most likely blocking something in the background.
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried as you suggested, but it did not work.
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