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Intel core i3

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Hi i have recently changed my cores to 4 and i figured out that my core can only hold 2 it makes my pc so slow i can't open any apps or setting or anything can anyone help me revert it
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You are posting in a hardware forum and no one has any idea what hardware you are running. Post ALL of your exact specs along with the exact processor you attempted to install.

It appears to be a continuation on this January 25th thread:

Looks like he has started multiple threads however the poster never says exactly what he did; install new processor, mess with bios settings, or what.
@Lt.Skully - I just read this and your other two threads and frankly, none of them make sense because first, we have no clue with hardware you have. Please run the TSG Info application then copy and paste the results back here.

Second, we (or at least I) don't understand what you mean when you say you "changed your core to 4" or what you mean when you say, your "core can only hold 2".

So please explain what you mean, but do NOT open yet another thread to do so.

@mods/admin - Since this seems to be the most recent, may I suggest the OPs other 2 threads be closed?

My pc is slower than before
Reset in bios??
Did you do this in MSConfig, setting # of processors to 4?

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And now msconfig won't open so you can't undo it?

If you can open msconfig, click Boot tab, click Advanced, uncheck Number of processors, click OK, reboot, and it should be fixed.

If you can't open msconfig, will need to either edit the registry offline or edit the BCD from a recovery environment using command prompt (and bcdedit). In particular, this command:

bcdedit /deletevalue {default} numproc

but {default} could be (current} or a GUID (a long string of hex numbers) for you. Need you to post a screenshot of the results from this command:


so that I can tell you which of these it should be for you.

Here is how to get to recovery in win 10:

Boot to Win 10 Install USB/DVD, choose repair computer.


Turn on computer. As it starts to boot, hold down the power button until it shuts down. Do this three times in a row. On the next power on it should start to WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) - a big blue screen such as this:

Then click Troubleshoot -> Advanced -> Command Prompt

More info on fixing this via registry is here:

But if regedit won't open (and I assume it won't, if msconfig won't), you have to do this offline, which complicates things....
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