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Insufficent Memory From DOS Program

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Please someone help. There is a critical application that my employer uses that is a DOS based program on a WIN95 platform.
The system cannot be upgraded due to this program. The program is called Microcontrol and handles financial reporting. The program loads, but when you try to enter or display data it returns a "insufficent memory try using expanded memory" error message. Since it is a DOS based program I figured it was that the system was using to much of the conventional memory. The system, using the MEM program, displays a largest executable file size of 581k. I took everything out of Config.sys and Autoexec.bat in order to free up more lower memeory. I also made sure that WIN95 did not have anything loading in startup. After that the file size remains at 581k. I right clicked on the icon for MC and entered properties. There was a memory tab that you can adjust the conventional, expanded, and XMS memory. I tried all variables, but nothing worked. I also tried running it from the MSDOS prompt. No luck. I forced windows not to load at start up using ALT-F5, this increased the largest executable size to 593k. I still got the message. I have run out of options. Please someone give me some advice. Is there a command that will force a DOS program to run in upper memory. And where do you type it in the command statement, i.e. C:\mcdir\mcib\prog\mc.bat. The program starts from a .bat file.
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Try adding the following lines to the front of your CONFIG.SYS file. It you have similar lines, comment them out by placing the letters REM followed by a space, at the front of those lines.

Device=c:\windows\Emm386.exe Auto

Save and reboot

This should give the program access to UMBs and Expanded memory, when it requests it.
Whitphil answer is the best. But a config.sys that handles mostly all dos applications using expanded memory should look like this.

device=c:\windows\emm386.exe 4096

Try allocation some memory to the emm programs for expanded memory usage. This will give you the least conflicts. If you need more memory increase by +512 increases. This will force the system to say within the 64 page window in upper memory. Donot use the x=b7ff-bfff switch if someone suggests with 95 running dos applications.

dos=high,umb push dos back high will help Even though windows can manage it. With the auto feature it may sometime tried to load low on a quick boot of the system (not powering on and off).

Files 101 is the max files assigned windows and dos programs will see. Thanks (foxpro). 101 max for networking and dialup features. There is 220+ that dos and windows will use. 202 for users interface and the rest for internal opts.

Buffers 30,0 means donot load any buffers low load them out od the way high.

Good luck.
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