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installing windows server on linux box

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well I have tried everything....I am running an amd duron 1600 chip 60gig hd 340 mb of ram....linux redhat 9.0 os

after I try installing windows server 2000 it wont boot I get stuck at a black screen with "GRUB"

I dont know if the boot loader is hanging or what...pwease help!

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If you have a bootable grub floppy disk, which can be generated by any Linux that uses Grub, say from another machine, load it up to Grub prompt and type

configfile (hd0,x)/boot/grub/menu.lst where x=partition number-1 as Grub counts from Zero.

Your Linux will fire up again.

If you have Windows as a boot choice and happy with the arrangement you can put the Grub dual bootloader in permanently by typing

grub-install /dev/hda

while being as the root user.

Depending on the distro you have the original CD can also be used for the rescue task. For exampple Red Hat & Fedora has a rescue disk facility built in.

Another method is to use a Live CD from another distro, get into root, mount your lost Linux there, change root to it (chroot), control your lost Linux directly.

You should never have to lose the Linux again.
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