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hi, im trying to install windows 2000 on my pc. i have 4 boot up floppy disks and have a windows 2000 cd. when i put the first disk in a message comes up saying:

On the 2nd floppy disk i get this message:

'Setup could not determine the type of on or more mass storage devices installed in your system, or you hav chosen to manually specify an adapter. Currently, setup will load support for the following mass storage devices.


*specify additional SCSI adapters, CD-ROM drives, or special disk controllers for use with windows 2000, including those for which you have a device support disk from a mass storage device manufacturer, press S.

*if you do not have any device support disks from a mass storage device manufacturer, or do not want to specify additional mass storage devices for use with windows 2000, press ENTER.'

What does this mean?????? I pressed ENTER and completed the 4disks, and then got this message:

'Please wait while setup copies files to the windows 2000 installation folders. This may take several minutes to complete.'

After a couple of seconds and a few percent loading up we get the message:

'Setup cannot copy the file: acc_disch
To retry press ENTER
If you are installing from a CD, make sure the windows 2000 CD is in the CD-ROM drive
To skip this file press ESC
CAUTION if you skip this file, setup may not complete and windows 2000 may not work properly
To quit setup, press F3'

Are we doing something wrong to be getting this message?

We tried skipping the file but it keeps reacurring on many occasions meaning we must of skipped 20+ files

Also....What is a RAID, and how do i know if i'm running a server with a RAID???

Can anybody give any advice as to what to do next???
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