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Installing Win 98 Upgrade on a new hard drive

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I have finally built my computer and i have the windows 98 upgrade disk that is all mine, but i dont have the cd-key. I read a way to install it on a new hard drive but its really confusing, So can u give me a step by step guide or site thats can help me with it.

I called microsoft and thay said they will give me a new cd-key.

Do i need to have the cd key when im installing it on to a new the hard drive

Should i call microsoft and they will give me an key then install it.

Or should i install windows 95 full edition then the upgrade.

THe preblem is that the windows 95 is the distribution for a new pc will it work on my computer.
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You should not have to install 95 first. You will need the 95 cd for the compliance check. See here,;EN-US;221829

As far as the cd key, you will have to have it. Is this copy of 98 on your old machine? If so run BelArc on the old machine and it will give you the key.

but this site says i can:

And for the windows 95 i have the only distrubtion with a new computer disk.

Will it allow me to install it if it is only for a new computer

anyways the microsoft site says i need an windows 95 cd in hand which i do so it shoud work
As long as you have the98 cd key and the 95 disk. You should be able to put 98 on fresh. Same info as the MS support article.

Let us know
But the windows 98 is for distribition for a new pc

thats what it says on the cover or the cd,im asking if it will work on a ew computer that i built
Most likely will if you have the key.

You did build a new pc:D
but its an oem edition, it doesnt come with a cd-key
But it does come with a key. I am using an OEM edition, the key was on a sticker on the cd case. No key, no install!!!

Im telling you mine doesnt have a cd key its for distribution with a new comuter.

I took the cd from my old computer, its a gateway

thats what it says on the acual cd
Hi, If ya just bought this upgrade, Go back to the place where ya bought it,and return it and get an upgrade with a key on it. Maybe it's missing.


Re-Read post #2, if the Gateway is still running, run BelArc.
I'm confused. There is no such thing as a "W98 Upgrade CD" for a new PC. The new PC Windows CDs are always Full Editions.

Anyway, I suspect you must have a "W95 for a New PC" CD and a "W98 Upgrade" CD which should be fine. You just need the Product Key for the W98 Upgrade CD to install W98 fresh to an empty hard drive. Once you run setup from the W98 Upgrade CD it will ask you to prove your eligible for the upgrade because it won't find a copy of W95 on the drive. At that point, insert the W95 CD and click on the drop down box and point it to the CD rom drive to find the W95 CD. It will copy a few files and continue on it's way.
I have the full w95 and i have the full win 98 but its for distribution for a new computer which came with my old computer

Im saying if it will insatll on my other one with no OS

Then i have the upgrade which i bought put dont have an cd key which i have to call microsoft and ask them but i dont have an number
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