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I have had win XP pro for 4-5 years. Now I would like to install Win 98 in addition to Win XP.
Microsoft article Installing more than one operating system on your computer.
States that the win 98 should be installed in a FAT or FAT 32 system. And, should be installed before Win XP.
I have done that on another desktop a couple of years ago.
However I now have xp installed in a NTFS file system on a HD with a single partition. I do not want to format my drive and loose everything.
Is it possible to partition my drive adding a small partition (say 4MB) ?
Then change the file system from NTFS to FAT 32 in that partition and install the 98 OS into the FAT32 file system without having to format?
Any body know the answer? TKS Bob A
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