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Installing Video card drivers and games causing my PC to power off

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Over the last two weeks, whenever I tried to play a game such as WC3, Counter-Strike, or watch a movie etc my computer would often automatically reboot, or freeze.

I reinstalled the newest video card drivers for my computer, and that changed the daily crash to a crash every 30 minutes, and eventually every 5 minutes upon entering a game, or watching a movie on my computer.

I completely wiped my hard drive, reformatted, reinstalled windows and had no initial problems as I started putting software back on.

As soon as I installed the latest video card drivers my computer would start this odd cycle where the screen goes black and the computer itself increases its rpm and after a few seconds the computer goes back to normal. Then a few seconds later the screen goes black again, rinse and repeat.

I uninstalled the video drivers, problem goes away. I find older drivers, problem comes back. I use the auto find drivers wizard that XP uses and get an even older version which seems to work fine. Then I installed warcraft 3. As soon as i enter the game my computer freezes, I have to do a hard restart and when I get back to my desktop my computer starts giving me a black screen, increased rpm, back to normal. I uninstall Warcraft 3, problem stops, but I notice my video card drivers are no longer working.

I've tried pulling out 1 of my sticks of RAM and using 512 instead of 1 gig, swapped both out one at a time and changed the slots they were in. Didn't change anything.

before i reformatted i shut off auto restart to give myself the blue screen of death when an auto restart was about to happen. the screen said

STOP:0x000000D1, 0xFFFEB0E, 0x00000006, 0x00000000, 0xF86057C4

Fetnd5bv.sys Address F86057C4 base at F8605000
Datestamp 41c11cde

Specs are
Radeon 1950xt video card
1gig DDR corsair ram 512x2
Athlon 64 bit 3200+ processor
Corsair vx550watt PSU
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Have you tried checking the power supply is working or it is compatible with your system? How about the CPU, is it getting cooled enough? Try a temperature program such as Core Temp from
I've had the power supply for a year, so it should be compatible.

The core temp was reading 54-59c running at 9-30%.
Reformatted, got some different drivers, cleaned some dust out. Crashes are gone, but i'm freezing up for 5-10 seconds now at intervals of 15 minutes to 6 hours depending.
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