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How do I boot Linux on XP with external drive?

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Installing Linux on XP external drive

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I bought an IBM Thinkpad T41 a few months ago. I love Linux, but Centrino support was not readily available at that time. I hear that the latest kernel now supports it. So, I want to install Linux on a removable 80GB IDE drive connected to the laptop via a USB connection. I can't touch the XP side since my wife only knows Windows. I'm fishing for the best way for me to boot to this external device when I want Linux. I have no floppy, but creating a boot CD is fine by me.

Can anyone assist???

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First, you need to know if your bios even supports USB booting. If it doesnt then you may have to shrink your windows partion, and make linux boot partition. Then you can install lilo, and have it boot off of the boot partiotion, and then mount the usb drive as usr, home, and what ever else you neeed.
BTW... you can wrap your NDIS drivers for centrino now i think, and they are also working on native linux drivers.
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