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Installed New RAM. Compatible with old?

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I purchased a 1GB stick of RAM from MemoryTen for my LG LS50 which previously had 256MB.
I just added the 1GB stick to the empty slot for a total of 1280MB. Is it Ok to have it like this. normally you see 2 x 512 or 2 x 1024. comp seems to run great now with that added 1024 but am I slowing it down by having that small chip in aswell.

what are your thoughts?

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As mentioned it should be okay, are you slowing it down? Well, I think you are looking at it in the wrong way. See you have
1.Total amount
Amount is what your talking about like adding 1024 + 256 total 1280
Speed is such as
PC2700 (DDR333)
PC3200 (DDR400)
Okay to understand this, you see where it says 333 and 400? well thats 333Mhz and 400Mhz. that's the speed the ram can run at. If you put a 400Mhz module with a 333Mhz module the 400Mhz module will be slowed down to 333Mhz because they have to run at the same speed.

Latency, well the simplest way I can explain this is to say, Thats how fast it reacts, another words look at it like this,
you have to at the same 400Mhz but one has a lower latency, the 1 with the lower latency will get the information to the cpu first because once it received the information it reacted faster then the other. (now don't confuse this with speed because the both can send it at the same speed but one is just faster at reacting)

To understand more about ram read this
scroll down to the 5th post (my post) and that will give you the general explanation.
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crjdriver said:
I disagree a little. If it is the system in your sig, then you will loose dual channel capability. While the system should run better with the extra memory, it would run even better if you used dual memory controllers. This is only possible [with amd systems] with memory of matched size, speed, etc.
I don't think he is talking about the computer in his sig, its says Dell E521 (desktop)with total of 2G ram. His post says LG LS50 (notebook) that had 256 and he added 1024 for a total of 1280.

So he isn't losing dual channel cause he never had it in the first place on the notebook with only having 256 originally :)
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