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inspiron 5000e

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I just got an old laptop and I'm trying to find ways to upgrade it. Here's what it has on it:

PIII 848MHZ, 256MB ram
Windows XP Service Pack 3

I know I can add more memory but first wanted to know if there was anything I could upgrade like the processor that might change the type of memory before I go out and get it.

Any help or feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated! :)

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You would only be able to install another PIII. Ram is going to be your biggest upgrade, but expect it to be kind of expensive if it doesnt take DDR
You might want to think twice about spending money updating something that old. New laptops are very inexpensive now and even the cheapest would run rings around a PIII.
According to the Crucial site, your computer maximum RAM is 512MB. That is bare minimum for operating XP. It will run, but it's going to be pretty slow.

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