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Input Mask - Access 2000

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Hi guys thanks for clicking in :)

A few problems, most of which shouldn't be too much trouble to you, I hope.

I've got the input mask for a field : >LL0\ 0LL;0;" " .. Ok so that's fine when actually entering data in the database as in actually physically in the table itself, but what I'm struggling with is that with the form I have created (and user HAS to fill this field in from the form) it won't give me the validation text, all the other input fields in the form work - just this one doesn't. I can enter whatever the hell I like and it will accept it and store it to the field in the table. So I'm wondering how you get the form to recognise the input mask and display an error ?

The other problem is so simple I don't really believe I'm asking it, for a field that should allow no integers of any type, it would be all char's right ? Well I originally thought you would do ...

Between "A" and "Z" ... turns out it's not that simple (I wish), anyone got the simple answer on how to make an input field exclusively char's only. (Form again)

Thanks very much for your time, no rush on this but it's essential that I get it sorted.

Cheers! Iron.

EDIT :: For the second part I also played around with LIKE for the input mask to see if i could get it to make it exclusively char's but to no joy lol.

P.P.S - Whilst I'm here in one thread, how do i got about printing out the databse code ? Or 'Access' code, don't ask me why the dude wants it :)

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