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I'm running icredimail and it worked fine till this evening.then all of a sudden
it told me the I need to load a correct version of macromedia flash to run the program.I did ,But it still told me the same thing again, it takes me to macro,site and instantly downloads tells me its complete,I go back to incredimail only to find the same problem ,,,I've looked into the files and wonder why windows media player is controling some of the files ,If I click on a file it tells me that the file is the wrong type ,I've removed the program twice and reinstalled ,same thing ?? Now here's the thing that I think screwed it up ,before it messed up I was taking certain software programs from my desktop and puting them into my software folder to clean up,I really would like to find the answer to this ,,and you guys are the best ,,,Snidely
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internet explorer Thanks for the input I've removed Incredimail don't have a problem
with outlook express, But I seem to have acquired another problem.
when I go to house call and click on the scan ,it starts to load then
I get an error that it is going to shut down and when I click on it ,it shuts the thing down .Should I reinstall windows I took my windows media and rolled it back to the original version ,,however I think I'm going to put 9.0 back on,,,If you have any Ideas as to how I can stop it from crashing
because of that error box ,,it would help alot.......Jimmy
Internet Explorer I have done as you requested ,however there is a problem in my add and remove files ,It seems that explorer is not there ??
this is what it looks like
internet 404
when I click on this it says
Loading error C:\\progra~1\common~1\msietlink.dll
system cannot find file specifed
internet explorer Q832894
when I click on this it says
invalid INF file
I've done the other items you've mentioned
Now I'm using symantec win anti virus 2004 registered version
have norten on constantly update often
regmechanic registered version
redvprotector popup and I've closed the other things in that program.
also have avast registered version,only run when I think I need to
it would seem I've spent alot of money on nothing here
I have spybot search and destroy
ad-aware 6.0 plus registered version
I could have saved a few dollars and given a bigger donation to techguy
from the way it looks........Jimmy
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All Better Thank you for your help ,Now a few more questions to improve my understanding,how do you tell what programs will correct those
problems such as I had .with error coming up all the time and shuting itself down ???also I've lost my popup protector I ran ad-aware twice ,quarantine 229 files and folders ?? then again 228 ,,??? whats happening here ??
:confused: can I retrieve my popup protector form the quarantine folder
the whole program was redvprotect,included panic.history,xprotect,and popup
or is there another popup that will work as well, I've aready paid for the redvprotect program ,But if it isn't going to be compatible then I don't want it however I feel the need for the poppup protection,I really want to thank you for your time and effort in this matter,You have a lot a knowledge ther lad
thanks again from the old guy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Snidely :up:
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