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incredimail emails

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This is a serious problem for me. I was using incredimail before my pc crashed. Fortunately my data was on my other hard disk. Now when i am trying to restore my emails in the reinstalled incremail i am unable to do so.

Could someone plzzzz tell me how i should restore my emails and address book back into incredimail? Unfortunately the data had to be copied to my other hard disk through DOS so the long names end in this manner (~1)

I desperately need to restore these emails
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You need to have an advanced version of incredimail with a Build ID of 1800838 set id 2. then under file/data transfer settings your will be able to export your current e-mails, addresses etc to a computer location of your choosing and then import them from that same spot to your new computer.
I just did that and it worked without a problem.
I do have the current version but it is a free version.

Sorry I am not a IT person so could you plz explain what you mean by the Build.

Maybe you could tell me step by step how I should do it?

Sorry for being so dumb but plz I am really worried about my emails
You back into incredimail's web-site and you download for free their latest upgrade that will contain the capabilities I described before.
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