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In need of Photo Edit app

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I desperately tried to find free picture edit apps for my needs. After downloading few I realized they don't do whole lot. So, I am willing to buy one.
Should I try a well known sites such as for recommendations? I prefer software that gives you trial basis for a short period of time.

2 requirements:

1-Ability to rotate pictures permanently. Some of my vacation pictures from iphone need to be rotated. ( They are saved on EHD.) Windows 11's Photo app does that. Only when I am using the app. I want to be able to rotate them just once (especially albums saved on external hard drive). When I attach EHD to tv, I don't want to see pics sideways!!

2- Deleting unwanted objects in the background. I was watching commercials on tv. Google smartphone does that. You click an object in the background when you are viewing a picture. Another click and object is erased from picture. How brilliant.

What is the budget? Up to $40. Yeah, a retiree!!

Thanks for any suggestions. Good day.
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Have you tried saving your pictures in your computer under the pictures tab and from there just right click on the photo that needs to be rotated and select "rotate right" or "rotate left". There are several free photo editing programs available but not sure which ones you had tried. There are also a few that you can try free for a limited time such as adobe, Corel Paintshop and many more to choose from.
Yes, I tried that. It works fine when the app is open. My goal is to rotate pics saved on EHD.
I prefer to keep most pictures, mp3 files, ebooks on external hard drives. Bought a new laptop with 512 GB SSD. I don't want to end up having a storage issue as I did with my previous laptop.

I heard about free Adobe express (not regular Adobe) that may work. GIMP is higly rated. tried that in the past. I found it too complicated. I will keep trying I reckon. Picasa was great in the past. But, Google doesn't support it anymore.

Thank you Texas.
Thank you. I will check them. I appreciate it.
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