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import/export .pst fm Mac to PC

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I have a PC, She has a Mac
I have Outlook, She has outlook express
She has a directory I need to use.
We have tried it every way but loose.
I made a folder under Contacts
I highlighted it
I pulled down file and then Import/export
The window asked me to browse and find the file
that I saved on my desktop from her attached email she sent.
I then chose import from another file which is a .pst
and it didn't work
If I choose internal mail and addresses it takes some old
emails from my hard drive and redeposits it to my Inbox, not contact. I want contacts that are saved in a file on my desktop.

when it loaded in my inbox it didn't give me an option to find the file I was loading.

If I send you the file and you try it we could see how it is working.
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