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I'm going....if anyone cares!

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You may have noticed that I haven't been around for a while )especially in the Mac forum). The reason is (if anyone cares) that I'm 'migrating' over to WasteAWeekend. But I'll still come back here for occasional tech help!
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Best of luck!!! :)

What's WasteAWeekend? :)
Hey....where's my salutation Smilin' Jack? :mad:

Hiya Smilin' Jack! ;) :D
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That's better!!! :D

Hey think you could restore the photo of me in post #682 in the Luke thread? :)
Thanks Smilin' Jack! :) The picture has stains on it...and a piece of old scotch tape above my head that has yellowed over the years! ;)
Stoner said:
Might be better to do a higher resolution scan so there is a larger data base to work with.
Since Mike has limits set for uploading, an upload site like ImageShack is more convenient.
Upload there and post the url :)
I'll do that later today and send you a pm when it's done! :) Thanks Jack! :)
Jack said: were a cutie even then :)
:eek: :D Thanks Jack! :)
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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