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IJ600 Printer Trouble

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I reinstalled my printer and get the following error message:

Error writing to LPT1: Port (Compaq IJ600). There was a problem printing to the port. Check to make sure your printer is configured to use a valid port.

How do I check the configuration. Another question.....would adding a dig cam and leaving it hooked up to the pc when not in use have anything to do with the printer trouble?

Take care. angel

Happy New Year! :)
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Is in your BIOS-Setup parallel port enabled?
Here you can download the right driver for your OS.
It depends what port your digi cam uses. Usually you have 2 COM ports, 1 LPT port and maybe USB
I'll get back to this tomorrow. But I'm not a pc do I check the BIOS as you suggested?

The printer trouble started when I changed a cartridge. I used a refill kit...the green light for power on (on the printer) comes on but then a second green light on the printer flashes too back and forth. The cartridges are in right. They snapped into place. This is why I uninstalled in the first place. The only other thing I've done recently is add memory. When I reinstalled the printer I went to the file and it won't let me open it. It said installation was successful....yet when I search for it now there is no IJ600 file. Hmmmm!!! Should I go to safe mode, uninstall and reinstall again and see what happens? Should I disconnect the dig cam for the heck of it first? Whatever suggestions anyone gives I will try them tomorrow as I have to get going. Take care and thanks! angel :)
What Windows do you have?
Look in Control Panel - Printers and Faxes what driver is installed and if a driver is installed at all.
To get into BIOS you have to press a key after your computer counted the memory at startup. Usually the Delete-key, but can also be a different one like F1 or F10 ...... you have to take a look in your manual. But do not change anything there but the parallel port to enabled if disabled.
hw45: Ok the printer is correctly installed now. But.....I only have a black ink cartridge in there as the color one was no good. Now the 2 green lights on the printer are both flashing. Is it simply because there is no color cartridge in there? I've used it before with only the black cartridge with no problem. When I try to print it keeps saying "problem communicating with the printer". I don't have the color cartridge to test with either! Hope there is a simple solution! :) angel

WinMe by the way! :) Says driver is IJ600.
Control panel - printer and faxes: click your printer with the right mouse button, go to properties. Here is somewhere a setting where you can choose to print in color or black and white or grey scale. You can choose grey scale printing.
I have the option set to black only for now. I popped in the empty color cartridge and the refilled black cartridge...but the green lights on top of the printer continue to both flash and it won't print. Nothing happens when you use the button to release paper either. I unplugged the printer from wall and pc, plugged back in but still the two flashing lights. Still says problem communicating with the printer! Hope I'm not driving you crazy! Take care. angel :)
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