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Anybody know how to control iespell ?

i want to set a word to bring it up !

John :)

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From the Iespell webpage:

Usage instructions:

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can access ieSpell in one of the following three ways:

Under the "Tools" menu, click on "ieSpell" item to start the spelling check or click on the "ieSpell Options" to configure ieSpell.

Click on the ieSpell toolbar button (if enabled) to activate the spelling check.

Right click in the browser and in the menu that appears, click on the "ieSpell" item to start the spelling check or click on the "ieSpell Options" to configure ieSpell.

If you are using a browser based on the IE engine (e.g. AOL, MSN, NetCaptor, NeoPlanet, etc), then only the last option (i.e. using the right-click menu) is available to you.

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i couldn't figure out how to set it to respond to 'ive'
i think i mistakenly pressed the 'Add' button a while ago,
and it now doesn't respond to it.

But i've downloaded their new version, which works fine, and
it responds to 'ive' so i can change it to 'i've'

I have a habit of forgetting the comma in 'don't' and
the comma in 'i've' so this helps me it straighten out.

The new version has access to the 'Custom' dictionary, so if
i accidentally do it again, i am hoping i can reverse it,
which i couldn't do in ver1, i even brought up the .dll in
Word and deleted 'ive' from it, but that just wrecked the program !!

So i'm happy now,
regards, John :)

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i had a bit of a look,
and it looks like i cant
set a word to make it respond.
Such a word would have to be removed
from its list.

I see no way to remove a word from its list.

Which is a bit annoying.

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In IE, go to Tools, IESpell Options. go to the Language and Dictionaries tab, click on the Custom dictionary, and then select Edit.

select the word you want to remove from your list and press the Delete button.

I was so impressed with this software that last year I bought it. You don't need to buy it to edit the dictionary, I think.

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Hi Randy,

give my regards to Dunleery!
Yes you can edit the custom dictionary.

But i cant see how to edit its own dictionary.
For a word to be queried,
it has to be missing from its own list.

I would like to query several words.
Words which are not incorrect.
Such as some plurals.

But i don't see any way to add them to the list,
or more correctly, to remove them from the list.

That would bring up a query on such words as i pick.
I do like to get my apostrophes correct.
I find Microsoft Word very good for punctuation and
grammar, but generally i just need the checker to
highlight bits, and i can usually put it right or

If there is a way to make it query certain words,
i would like to know.

It is a very good program.

John :)

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Hi John,

Do you mean Dun Laoghaire??;):D

You should be able to edit some of the words in the iespwll/data directory. There is a file for each dictionary used (us-english, uk-english, ca-english) as well as a file for the common words called common-english.

These are files with no extension, but you can open them with notepad. They have loads of words in them, as well as a bunch of gobbledy-****, but maybe deleting the word you want from them would do the trick???

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i was over there roaming around from hostel to hostel many years
ago. Mid sixties i think. Spent quite a while bumming around
mostly in the South. Don't remember much about Dun Loaghaire,
except that every other building was a pub, well along bridge st
and i vaguely remember that the liffey stunk the place up.
I'm told its cleaner now.

Those files are too big for notepad,
but i have tried that using wordpad anyway.
removing a word buggers up the program, it wont run.
Maybe it keeps a word-count somewhere.

I'll just have to get used to it as it is.

Maybe i will email them and suggest a 'custom query' list,
lots of people have spelling problems and some words crop
up a lot,


by flagging them up, the user can see if its the right
word, even if its spelt correctly (spelled ?)

If you can figure out a way to bring up such words,
i would be very interested.

Regards, John :)
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