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I've been forced to use IE8 while speaking to tech support from a compamy whos software has screwed up my laptop
(That's another story)

It's the only browser that allows the popups for live chat

My verdict: it really really really sucks
It's soooo bad. It's unbelievable. 70% of the world lives in great suffering using this poor, very poor browser??

What's bad about it?
Well... I couldn't give you any examples of big and major things
It's a million smaller ones + usability is rubbish

I'm getting ideas in my head about becoming something similar to the Pope or becoming some sort of 'Browser Tsar' - or better still become a 'Browser Prophet'
My mission would be to tell the world about a new and better world they could be in using a different browser
I could make speaches to miilions of people and tell them about Google Chrome (and maybe Opera for mobiles)

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