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IE Sluggishness

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It's a given that AOL is a resource HOG of sorts and that (IE) Internet Explorer are slower than most other browsers.

I have found that running IE8 and AOL/IE8 in general run slow. Disabling the Java(tm) Plug-In 2 SSV Helper is supposed to help speed things up, but I can't see much if any improvement. And further I don't know WHY there are two of the same Java(tm) Plug-In 2 SSV Helper in there?!? (see attachment)

As far as I'm aware by Default AOL software uses IE?!? Not AOL webmail...But, a version of AOL software like 9.0/9.1/9.6, etc...Just the software of AOL.

If at all possible I'd like to avoid getting into the Registry with this issue. "Sacred ground"

Getting IE to run as well as it's able might be worth some effort?!?

Any ideas to correct this???




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Why do you need AOL software?
There are certain things that you can do with AOL software that you can't do with AOL Webmail.
Regardless, my desktop when using IE8 and Windows 7 runs slower than my Notebook using IE8 and Vista Home Basic. Even when I use AOL webmail.

It has been speculated on the web that running the following 'tweak' improves IE8 speed considerably. Accordingly it is suppose to fix some holes left by installation processes.
regsvr32 actxprxy.dll

Whenever I try to Run the tweak I get error code 0x80070005 (see attachment.) This happens on both the desktop and Notebook. And I certainly can't verify in my experiences with this Tweak if it's worth bothering with? It just was a simple step I attempted and it didn't cooperate obviously. In hopes it would help to "optimize IE8.

What's next?


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Hi Dino, I get a few laptops or desktop like this being generally slow, and its a shame it all because of the net and the stuff you download even if you dont know about it.

Please follow the following steps and see if you notice any improvement;
1) Delete your history on your IE.
2) Start > Disk Cleanup. When that opens you click Clean up system files it will just disappear, but will eventually return. If not reopen it, could take up to a minute. Once its reappeared, Click all of the tick boxes (dnt forget to scroll down), once thats done you press ok. it will ask for confirmation and you say yes.
3) Run a virus sweep. If you aint got a decent software. Spybot S&D is a good one. You can download from Once installed update it. Use the immune option it might start straight away once clicked immune if so just wait and once done, click immunize, if it doesnt start straight away click search (or summit lol) on the right hand side at the top.
Once you've done that you can click scan the top right icon. This will search your whole computer and you'll be surprised what it finds.
Takes about 45mins to an hour to do this.
Once done click fix problems.

Now it may say not all are able to fix. This is because some stuff it searches and finds, are in use, or in tech terms, using memory. Therefore you cant edit or remove it. it will ask to schedule a scan however, this does take ALONG time, up to 5-6 hours. So you might wanna leave it going over night or something.

Once done it should load up what its found and you'll be able to click fix problems.

Restart laptop again after that and see if you find any improvements :) Ideally this is what i would do to any computer that people say are slow at browsing or office windows taking ages to load. Takes awhile though.
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Thank You...

I'm running MSE and MalwareBytes, but Not Spybot.

When looking at the Disk Cleanup I see 32.8 MB I'd gain on my Desktop that runs Windows 7. I did the Cleanup and I can't see any real noticeble increase in speed when using IE8 and AOL Webmail.

Example: if I receive a new email an try to open it. It will just sit there [hesitates] and finally opens. Or if I simply switch from Old to New mail or Sent it sits there and starts to load but [hesitates].

If I use Google Chrome and AOL Webmail. It loads almost instantly. I must say that it seem's like it has been more recently that IE8 and AOL Webmail combination is worst. It has never ran as smoothly as Chrome.

I'll look forward to you next steps...'

Sincerely, Ralph
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Try upgrading to IE9 and see if you get the same issues. This should fix a lot of issues.
I must admit that IE9 is an improvement...I wouldn't at this early phase say that the matter is "solved"

Would you have some pointers about setting IE9 up reasonably? I realize some of this is personal tastes.

Like in Internet Options>Locations "Pop up blocker" is unchecked as well as "Never allow websites to request your physical location." Not sure what exactly that is best for or for whom? Anything special under the Advanced tab to be aware of?

Other suggestions welcomed.

Thank You

Sincerely, Ralph
Why not do this. Set it up as default and see what is does to your speed.
Here is an issue that came up after installing IE9.

You will notice that not all of the screen appears in the small screen mode Options [appear] >Pause>Stop>Volume in the screenshot using IE9 as the browser to watch this streaming message/video. The actual screen portion is about 2/3 rd's there from top to bottom in the small screen mode.

IE9 will go from this small screen mode and only to Full screen mode by right clicking on the screen - without the Options mentioned above. I have never seen this before using either IE8 or Google Chrome. Chrome still operates as it always has and does allow the necessary options mentioned.

Hopefully this is a simple adjustment that can be made when using IE9?

Thanks again, Ralph
You can toggle back and forth between those views.
How? and did you get the last three sceenshots?


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F11 doesn't do what I wanted. Ticking the Compatibilty View corrected it as far as I can tell...Is there any special reason this is working this way? I'm not familiar with this Browser and that's pretty obvious and I certainly don't consider myself any type of computer wiz.
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