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When I try to open IE,

It says "this program has performed a illegal operation and will be shut down"

IEXPLORE caused a stack fault in module YCOMP5_3_12_0.DLL at 0167:68006b97.
EAX=011668f0 CS=0167 EIP=68006b97 EFLGS=00010206
EBX=00000210 SS=016f ESP=00552000 EBP=00552008
ECX=011668f0 DS=016f ESI=68006f7c FS=24a7
EDX=8162ee54 ES=016f EDI=0058a064 GS=26ef
Bytes at CS:EIP:
57 8b f9 8b 87 fc 00 00 00 83 f8 05 75 12 8b cb
Stack dump:
68006f7c 0058a0b0 00552024 68006fa5 000001d8 00000210 270f0001 0000026c 68006f7c 00552040 68006fb8 000001d8 00000210 270f0001 0000026c 68006f7c

I have windows 98se. And I am currently useing AOL. which operates fine. I tried to fix it through the option in the control pannel and it goes through the process, but still gives me the error when I reboot. I have tried going back to the previous version, and that seemed to work, but I still get the same error message. So I went to the microsoft website, and tried the update, and it will download but it will not install. just sits there for hours. A speedy reply would be greatly appreaciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.