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IE 6 'Restore Down' Issue

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Just had a 'restore down' (option between minimizing the screen to the sys tray, and maximizing it to full screen) problem appear on my computer. I tried restarting to no avail. I'm using IE 6.0 on MS Windows XP. Norton AntiVirus, and BlackIce.

Problem Specifics:
When I click to 'Restore Down' my browsing window (or if a new window pops up that isn't in maximized mode) ONLY the title bar appear, everything else is gone unless I maximize the window. The browser display, all tool bars, everything ... Is there a new virus/worm out there that makes IE 6.0 transparent except for the titlebar when not maximized? OR is this just a settings issue that I can somehow reverse on my own? Has anybody experienced similar problems, or know how to fix this?
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Don't maximize it, but manually drag the tiny "window" to fill the screen.

Maximizing is only a temporary setting (as far as new windows go), and that will not be retained.
this may work

It will reset IE windows location and size.

It definitely works when you can't get things to stay how you want.

also every window you open up that you have to resize, after resizing it, hold down ctrl when you close the window to save the setting.

a repair of internet explorer might be necessary also.
Now I feel like a dunce! :( For the life of me I don't know how the window got dragged to those settings in the first place ... I just assummed it was a virus without even trying to manually resize it! Good catch, and thanks for the quick reply!! :)
Thanks for the tips. When I sent the first reply I didn't see your post (must've been filling them out at the same time). I was unaware that holding 'cntrl' when closing a window saved settings.
Thanks for the tip.
it does for the main window for sure and sometimes it works for the other windows. all depends on why it was messed up in the first place.

on the link I posted above, you can also download the utility to clear the windows location for you if you do not want to edit the registry yourself.
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