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if this is wrong section please move, thanks!

Here's my current setup:

600gig hard drive 1
1 tb hard drive 2

hd1 is partitioned the first 120 gig for the Windows 7 64 bitOS.
the rest is for storage/data/media.

Hard drive 2 is for storage/data/media as well.

For xmas I received an OCZ agility 2 60gb SSD drive. It claims to do sustained write over 200mb/s, which seems pretty damn good and alleviates my concerns about write speed of an SSD drive.

My main purpose for this computer will be MUSIC PRODUCTION, and photo editing. Occasionally some video editing.

I would to know how to go about setting up my SSD, and what will go on the SSD, and what on the hard drives.

I'll break up my thoughts into sections if that makes it easier to read:

I know I want the OS on the SSD. All temp files and paging files should be on SSD as well? Remember I only have a 60gb SSD.

Will installing apps like photoshop on the ssd make a significant difference in how they function? If so I would install photoshop, and my music production software on the SSD. I would then also have a program files folder on one of the hard drives, where I would install everything from whichI don't require maximum performance.

All my media/samples/data, can go on the hard drives. I suppose the pictures I'm editing should be on the SSD, and then ocne finished editing move them to hard drive?

I plan on eventually installing some other OS on the system.. not necessarily on the SD but on one of the hard drives. I would like to have grub be my bootloader. Would it be wise to make a small partition on the front of the SSD, say 20mb or so, to hold grub. This would be my "boot" partition and from there I could boot into an OS installed on any drive.

Is partitioning an SSD at all bad?

Then again I could just throw the SSD in my netbook , but it seems like it might be a waste of speed there :eek:
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