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IDE controller problems

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I am trying to load win98se. It seems to load alright from the cd but after it has setup I cannot use my cdrom.
When I go into Control Panel under device manger it tells me that my primary and secondary ide controllers are either not present or not working properly and that I should try to upgrade the drivers for these, the only problem is that I cannot find any updated drivers.
Can anyone help me with this problem or has anyone had this problem and been able to solve it?
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What's the make and model of your motherboard?
It is a Gigabyte GA-6LA7.

The cdrom works fine when I use a win98 boot disk but as soon as windows has been installed I lose my cdrom.
Try running this on it

Can you see a setting for DMA on the cd rom properties in Device manager and is it checked?
Does this cdrom have a dma jumper. What's the make and model of the CdRom drive? It's not attached to a card rather than the motherboard - is it?
I cannot see a DMA setting under device manager as windows does not recognise the cdrom.
The only way I can get any info off the cdrom is to use the boot disk from prompt screen only, once windows has loaded I lose any functionality from my cdrom.
The cdrom I have installed is a Lite on LTR-40125s.
The jumper setting is set to master as I have it installed on the second ide channel on the motherboard by itself.
The cdrom is a 40x12x48 speed burner.
Any help would be more than appreciated.

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